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8079115A-610C-42C1-AC93-BF4005F00620Hey world, my name is Andrew Tuan, and I’m a Taiwanese-American from Plano, TX. I’m a Kinesiology major at the University of Houston. I have a passion for sports, but basketball is my favorite sport. My goal with PFK is to make plays so we keep winning!

Be Easy…



Bryce Hofeinz

My name is Bryce Goodwin and I’m excited to be contributing to Play For Keeps. I’m a Houston guy so I support every thing this city does, from the Dynamo to the Texans. I have opinions on pretty much everything, but I’m always open to debate. My goal is to use my writing to inspire conversation.

Let’s be great.

-Bryce @ILikeBryce

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What’s up everybody, I’m Chris Wright! Woodbridge, VA born and raised. It’s two things in life I’m the most passionate about; Sports and how my favorite rapper is the greatest MC to ever touch a mic. Whether it’s NBA, NFL or college lacrosse, i’ll watch it all. I plan on using PFK to share my opinions and give the casual sports fan a simpler understanding of sports!

-Chris W @_Heavyy

celtics pizza

What’s cooking everybody, my name is Stephen Arsola and I am a MIS major here at the University of Houston. I am from the greatest city in the world (Houston, TX) but I have spent time living in London as well as Oklahoma. If I were able to hangout with one famous person for a whole day it would have to be the goat, J. Cole. I love all sports to be honest, however basketball is my true love. My goal here at UH, whether that be in the classroom or with PFK, is to bring positive energy and creativity that will help myself and others succeed.

One love!

-Stephen A.


Hey y’all! My name is Chidi Odu, and I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas (TRIPLE DDD)! I’m currently a junior at the University of Houston majoring in Anthropology! I basically breathe pop culture which kind of explains my major. I’m an aspiring activist as well as the Vice President of the Student Feminist Org. on my campus! Outside of my Cougars and Ezekiel Elliot, I wouldn’t consider myself a sports enthusiast but I plan on using my spot here on PFK to draw attention to social issues with rounds of  critique of popular culture! Especially within the lens of blackness/black people.


– Chidi O. – Writer/BBQ Enthusiast Twitter: @ChidCudi // IG: bae.lien


What’s up everybody? My name is Jaxon Caines and I’m a journalism major at UH. I was born and raised in Killeen, TX #254. The main things I like to talk about are sports and rap music (if your favorite rapper trash, I’m gonna tell you about it) and I plan on being able to speak about these things at a higher platform, which is why I chose to major in Journalism. When it’s all said and done, I plan on working at ESPN or Bleacher Report, but for now, I’m gonna be keeping my talents here at PFK.

Peace! (P.S. Don’t ask me how to get waves, I won’t help you)

-Jaxon C. @_JaxG

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