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I grew up as a nomad in a sense. I’ve lived in 5 different states and numerous cities across the country and one of the only things I could always count on was the presence of sports in my life from a very young age. I began playing American football at age 8 and continued until my freshman year of high school where I found my true passion, basketball. Being a fan of mostly basketball, American football, track & field and more recently, soccer, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in my young life so far. I am a passionate fan of Michigan State Basketball, The Golden State Warriors, The Indianapolis Colts, Oregon Ducks Football, and Chelsea Football Club. Sports are a massive part of my live and have a special place in my heart so I will only provide the most accurate knowledge. I am currently a junior at the University of Houston, majoring in Kinesiology with a Psychology minor

-Melvin Jenkins Jr., Co-Founder


My name is Terrence Whaley. I have general troubles telling people where I’m from because I’ve moved around all over the world in my life. But for the time being I do claim the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina. To be completely honest, my life has been pretty simple for the most part. Grew up loving the game of basketball and I played all the way up until my Junior year of high school. After school became the main focus of my life I put the sport down for a while but then this summer an idea hit me. Why step away from the game forever when I can forever be connected in a different way from just the pipe dream of making it to the league? In those thoughts, Melvin and I schemed up Play For Keeps and then it was born. For you to get a better grip of what I’m about and who I am personally you will learn through my writings. From my obsession of LeBron James’ skill to the love hate relationship I have with ESPN’s own Skip Bayless. I can’t wait to see what this sprouts out to be… Till then, it was written!!!!!

– Terrence Whaley, Founder.


My name is Blaze Washington. I was born and raised in Pasadena, California and regularly visited Los Feliz, (Los Angeles). Growing up sports were such a big deal, basketball specifically. Once I learned how to walk, my dad put a ball in my hands. From playing in middle school and carrying over to high school, basketball eventually became a way of life; I loved everything about it. For two seasons straight I got season tickets to watch the Los Angeles Sparks WNBA team play, all the while volunteering in local basketball leagues. I managed to get an Internship with the Sparks and this helped me gain experience in the business aspect of basketball and what goes on behind the scenes. I transferred from Cal State University- Northridge and came to University of Houston, majoring in Kinesiology Sports Administration with a minor in Business. Here I have an internship with sports marketing and gaining more experience than ever.

-Blaze Washington, Co-Founder

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