Last night, as I ate my wing stop, I witnessed a Texas sized beat down from the San Antonio Spurs on my beloved Houston Rockets. ON NATIONAL TELEVISION

You are facing elimination on your home court and the opposing team doesn’t have their best player but you still come out with no sense of urgency and no heart. Not only that, your best player, your MVP, decides to pull his best Derrick Rose impersonation and go missing. Wait a minute, I know this song. Yeah I’ve heard this one before. Its’ called being a Houston Sports’ Fan.

Now I know, man. I know. We don’t have it as bad as some of the other lackluster sports’ cities. But still, this one hurts. Flashback to 2005, the Houston Astros are in the world series and are up against the Chicago White Sox. They get swept. Rewind to 2007 where Tracy Mcgrady had the iconic post game interview where he kept saying “I tried, man. I tried” and even shed some tears in the process. Him and Yao Ming. Those two guys had some incredible seasons together but never could get past the second round, that’s just heartbreaking. Shout out to them real quick cause those guys were my childhood heroes and all I ever wanted was for them to succeed. T-Mac if you are reading this, you made me fall in love with the game of basketball.

Now let’s go to 2013, after a franchise best 12-4 record in the previous year, the Houston Texans pull off a 2-14 season. Starting to notice a pattern here? This was also the year we signed big name free agent Dwight Howard. I still remember where I was whenever that was announced, I just got out of the movie theaters and at the time I was saying that this was one of the best days of my life. I like to consider myself a realistic when it comes to this stuff. However, when we got Dwight, I was like man we’re gonna take over! We reached the playoffs that year only to get our hearts broken by the one and only Damian Lillard. I’m gonna keep it a buck with you guys and let y’all know that I shed some tears that night.img_3571

Now it’s 2015 and the Houston Astros are up 6-2 on the KC Royals. They are only 6 outs away from their first trip to the ALCS in a decade. The Royals opened up the eighth inning with five straight hits and went on to win that game 9-6. Not only did they go on to win that series, but the world series. That’s so Houston. I mean come on man, we are 6 outs away from knocking off the soon to be world series champs and we choke. Just when you think, “this is it, this is our year”, they collapse on you. The worst thing about it is that these games are on national television for the whole world to see. It’s January 9th, 2016 and the Texans are up against the KC Chiefs in the AFC wild card playoff game. This team wasn’t expected to do anything special but come on I think we can take out the Chiefs. Nah. Instead, let’s have our quarterback throw four picks and we get shutout 30-0. Brian Hoyer has to be the most hated man in Houston. I am getting horrible flashbacks just thinking about that game. hoyer

Now it’s 2017. The Houston Rockets have exceeded all expectations from the preseason and locked in a 3 seed in the powerhouse that is the Western conference. They even surprised me, I usually like to gamble a little bit on them but wow. They get rid of Dwight Howard, bring in guys like Gordon, Anderson and a veteran center in Nenê. Mike D’antoni throws James Harden at the point and the rest is history. They really had me believing in them. I know they had to go up against the Warriors next and that’s like a pipe dream but a man can dream, right?

That’s just what it’s all about. I know I’m just a young grasshopper and still have many more seasons to witness from all of these teams, but so far it feels like I’ve just been getting my feelings played with. The Houston teams love to play with your feelings. They hype you up. They make you believe in them. Whenever I step back and think about it, I just laugh. It’s like you keep going back to this girl who you love and she starts hyping you up too, but then the absolute worse happens. She leaves you on read, she blocks your number, you know something drastic like that. It’s pretty much like this, we are those dudes who go “where my hug at?” and the girl goes in for the hug but then she finesses you with a side hug. One day we’ll get that full on hug, trust me. It’s funny though cause one thing that we Houston fans all have in common is a very tough mental. Good luck trying to find something that can stress us out as much as our teams do.

It’s blasphemous how much a loss can really get to you and hurt your mental. At the same time, it’s pretty amazing. It just shows how much you really love your teams and how you will ride with them to the end. My fellow Houston fans, don’t be discouraged. Last night was ugly but we got to do what we do best and that’s move on. Put our focus on our other squads and keep supporting. It’s stressful and sometimes you might want to just give up. I promise things will get better, eventually. Man, look at how I sound right now…it sounds like I’m talking you through a mid-life crisis. This is crazy. This is sports.

I’ve yet to witness a championship and I can’t wait for the day that I do. I’m willing to suffer as many anguishing defeats as long as we get a championship somewhere along the way. Hang in there, H town. Our time will come. Until then, lets keep rolling with our teams and throwing up the H!


“If they don’t know your dreams, then they can’t shoot em’ down”

-Stephen Arsola