Is this real life? Okay for real someone wake me up from this dream, I gotta study for my finals!

Deshaun Watson. This dude threw for over 10,000 yards and rushed for just under 2,000 in his three years at Clemson. The two QB’s drafted before him? He has more playoff wins than those two have against ranked opponents…combined! Am I forgetting something? Oh he also beat the Golden State Warriors. Oh my bad, I mean the Alabama Crimson Tide! This guy sure isn’t scared of the big stage and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he has the JUICE!


This is real. My Houston Texans finally came to their senses and drafted a dual threat quarterback with a very high ceiling. As MJ would say, the ceiling is the roof! The last time the Texans took a QB in the first round was 2002, their first year in the NFL.The Texans GM is Rick Smith and just about all of Houston has had it with this guy. Now he comes out of nowhere and hits us with this euro step! Im hype! Anyways, the Texans’ defense was at the top of the pack last season and there’s no question that they won’t be right up there again. JJ watt is ready to get back out on the field after coming off surgery and Jadeveon Clowney is staying healthy and knocking dudes to the floor.

But this is where things get interesting…We will get to see Deshaun Watson airing it out to DeAndre Hopkins. In my opinion, Hopkins doesn’t get enough love from the rest of the league, but I can understand it because of the guys who have been throwing him the ball. Watson provides versatility as well as a strong mindset which translates well in the NFL. Anyways, I am looking forward to these two former Clemson Tigers controlling the offense this upcoming season. The texans have never had this kind of power in their backfield since…never. Theres been a dark cloud over NRG stadium for a long time now and just when you think it’s starting to clear up…here comes the rain. See: Brock Osweiler

The theme with Houston sports has always been either heart ache or heart break. I know it’s just one guy. In the NFL it is very hard for one guy to step in and take over the world. I get that. Regardless, this is a changing of the guard for the Houston Texans and a change that was much needed. Be legendary, Deshaun!


“If they don’t know your dreams, then they can’t shoot em’ down”

-Stephen Arsola