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Aaron Hernandez squandered what most people dream about. He received a full football scholarship to the University of Florida, was drafted to one of the most successful and marketable teams in the world, and was paid an exorbitant amount of money to play a game he loved. Unfortunately, he could not seem to separate himself from the street. Aaron Hernandez was involved or implicated in a plethora of violent crimes between his teenage years and his eventual death. It seems that it did not matter how much money he made or how successful he was, the streets were always calling.

It has been proven that he shot at least two people execution style. One of his victims, Odin Lloyd, died; while the other survived to testify at his latest trial. While I’m extremely saddened that there are people who will not ever return to their families because of his crimes, I think the biggest victim of his crimes and selfishness has been overlooked throughout this process.

Hernandez’s four-year-old daughter, Avielle, is the biggest loser in this debacle. Due to circumstances entirely beyond her control, she now must deal with a situation she was thrust into. Avielle was not there when her father made those bad decisions, and she was not there when her father thought of only himself. Yet, in a few years the questions and accusations will begin.

Hernandez Arrest

“Your dad was a murderer.”

“Why did your dad kill those people?”

“He didn’t deserve to live.”

No child deserves to grow up without a father. Children need the support of their parents, which is something this young girl will never fully have. As uncomfortable as it may have been for Hernandez in prison, at least his daughter knew he was there. He may not have ever been able to take her to soccer practice or pick her up from school, but she would always know where he was. When they saw each other in the court room, they both looked ten times happier. It was a moment that was equal parts touching and heartbreaking. According to sources, she was begging to see her father; and in that moment, she was thrilled. Thrilled to see Aaron Hernandez, her father.

Aaron and Avielle

I try not to pass judgement on others, especially when I’m not aware of the entire situation. But, if Hernandez’s death is indeed a suicide, I believe he took the easy way out. I do not care about his life sentence and quite frankly I do not care about him, but I do care about that poor girl who will grow up in this world without the love and support of a father that she will need. His suicide, if that is truly what happened, was another act of selfishness on his part.

Avielle did not do anything wrong. Unfortunately for her, she was just born into a tragic situation. She was her father’s last victim.

Let’s be great.