Being a Celtics fan, I’ve been waiting for another team like this one. A team that looks like a championship contender. Not in a “my teams gonna sweep the warriors” way but a legit, number 1 seed contender. It’s been Isiah’s time all year, but he won’t be the real factor in a deep playoff run.

Al Horford

  Big Al Horford, the 10 year veteran who has the playoff experience you want in a leader. He had a huge impact in the recent success of the Hawks. His presence on the floor and the number of ways he can beat you is impressive. But that’s not what’s most important here. He’s surrounded by a young, hungry, very eager team. Something he had around him the year the Hawks were a 1 seed and got all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals. It’s time for you to take the wheel Al.

Al Horford signing with the Celtics

  When it was announced Al was signing, I was ECSTATIC. We had Isaiah in his second year, we had a core of young players with a young coach, Al was the perfect fit. He fit the system, he fit with the coach, a perfect fit. Outside of his play, the man he is off of the court, the leadership in the locker room, those are the traits that lead to championships. While I love his game and what he’s done and will do for the boys, it’s his character that’s gonna be key for the C’s in a deep playoff run.

Al Horford celebrating with Isaiah Thomas

  The night before the first game against the Hawks, Isaiah Thomas’ sister passed away. This could’ve been something that affected not just Thomas, but the entire team. With Al being a veteran, he showed up when we needed him most. A stat line of 19 points, 7 rebounds, and 8 assists, proved that Al’s here and ready to win. It’s not easy dealing with a death of one of your brothers family members, but it looks like Al is going all in for his brother. 

Celtics in 6. See you soon Wizards.

– Chris Wright