Boston Celtics’ Point Guard, Isaiah Thomas.

I remember the day I lost my grandmother. Almost like it was yesterday. It was my first time having to deal with death with someone that was actually a part of my life. 

I didn’t know how to handle it, especially since I wasn’t there for her in those last moments. Every time I think about that day, my pops coming into my room with the most blank face I had ever seen. Telling me the news, I knew it was coming to an end because you couldn’t make it to my high school graduation. I knew you wanted to be there more than ever. Miss you grandma! 

But I can’t imagine having to play a basketball game shortly after hearing news like this. Isaiah Thomas’ sister veered off the interstate and died on impact with a light pole. Not wearing her safety belt killed her, and I know that killed Isaiah even more inside. 

I hope you can turn this unfortunate situation into 4 wins against the Bulls. I’m rooting for you bro! 

Here’s to more wins and less sin… 

-Terrence Whaley