air max 97
Nike Air Max 97 ‘Silver Bullet’.


Say man, this is the worst feeling ever. Getting jipped for my Nikes. Not physically. Not emotionally. But mentally. Dog, over my entire existence I’ve wanted the Air Max 97. The shoe is laced with 3M highlights for God sakes! On top of that, I just knew that nobody on campus would be hip to the hype behind these so I knew I’d be the only one with them.


Nice Kicks didn’t want to let me shine. Last week I peeped on their most-heralded (now my most-hated) sneaker blog website to come up on some release date information. On moms, they had it listed as April 15th. Which made sense because Nike always sets it’s most-anticipated releases for Saturday drops.

“Not so fast!”

Boy I woke up this morning to the internet telling me one of my prize-possessions had already released. I was hurt. Bamboozled. Shook even. But most importantly, I was jipped of an opportunity to reign in on a great sneaker. The worst feeling in the world though is when you try and call Footlocker and Finishline on the day of a release talking about, “you got some sizes left?”.

“No fam, we don’t.”

Till next time though and Nice Kicks I’m going to see you around the block, I’m no sucka!

Here’s to more wins and less sin…

-Terrence Whaley