Now before I get started, I promise I wont reveal or spoil anything about this show!

The Get Down is my favorite Netflix original and in my opinion, the hottest show out right now! Now I know my Netflix game isn’t as strong as some of y’all but let me tell y’all something…this show right here. This show is like a rollercoaster ride with a bunch of dope records playing in the background.

get down 2

The Get Down is based in the Bronx in the late 1970’s where disco music was slowly decaying and the drugs were taking over the city. The show revolves around a crew of 5 young teens who are trying to make a name for themselves with a smooth combination of hip hop and disco. If you love hip hop then you will love one of the main characters named “Ezekiel”, his ability to put together rhymes about his life and the world around him is pretty live. I can’t forget about Herizen Guardiola  and her two background singers, who are her best friends. These girls are trying to hit the top of the disco charts with their angelic vocals.  These individuals are all faced with adversity that the streets of the Bronx brought in the 1970’s, all while pursuing their passion.

The one thing that I love the most about this show is its ability to portray the fact that making music is just like making a piece of artwork. I promise whenever you watch this show you might find yourself bobbing your head whenever they are putting a track together. Isn’t that what every great show has? The ability to make the viewer really feel for and root for the individuals. The other thing is that the casting for this show is spot on. I don’t wanna tell y’all too much about the characters but my man Jaden Smith is in this show and he is pretty much playing himself. It’s funny because Jaden fits right in to this 1970’s scene where hip hop and graffiti/art are on the rise. Lastly, this show has so much swagger. The threads that the characters are wearing on the daily just blows my mind. One of the characters named “Shaolin Fantastic” likes to rock the red Puma Suedes and I can’t lie…he redefined this shoe.

shaolin fantastic

The Get Down has it all, from drugs, love, fashion, music and the harsh reality of 1970’s New York. Yes you heard that right, there’s even a love story in this one (for the ladies and my lighthearted fellas). So if you haven’t seen this show, check it out. You will not be disappointed. The first season is divided up into two parts, part 1 dropped in August of 2016 and part two on April 7th of 2017. I’m gonna let y’all go ahead and get started on the show but first I wanna leave y’all with one of my favorite lines from The Get Down, one that is so simple but so powerful.

“That’s the art. We know how to scratch it without scratching the record.” – Justice Smith or “Ezekiel Figuero”


-Stephen Arsola