As the NBA season comes to a close, all the talk has shifted to who should win MVP. The ongoing debate has us caught up in all these stats and different perspectives. It’s time to recognize the real MVP, the MVP of planet earth, sports! Kyrie Irving, if you are reading this my dude, we’ll call it MVP of the “flat earth” for you.

We each have our favorite teams and favorite players that we love to support. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching one of your favorite teams accomplish a challenging goal or watching one of your favorite athletes achieve the impossible. On the flip side, we can get emotional when our team takes a heartbreaking L. Don’t be afraid to shed a tear if your team loses! The beauty in all this is that it brings us together as fans and as human beings.

Every nation around the world has their main sport or sports. No matter what it may be, it brings out the best in individuals as it gives us an outlet to express ourselves. Hoopin’ in the driveway with the fam? Throwing the football around? These simple pleasures were brought to us because of sports.

When times get tough, sports are a great outlet. Imagine this, you had a bad day, took some L’s, but hey at least you got your favorite team and favorite athletes. As the MVP is announced in the next couple weeks, I find myself appreciating the simple pleasures that sports brings us and how powerful of an outlet it is. My friends, find your outlet!

Don’t be good, be great.

-Stephen Arsola