It’s been a week since Tony Romo announced his retirement. As I watched the media coverage and read some of the reactions on social media, one question came to mind. “Why?” 

  The obvious reason Romo got this coverage is simple; he played for “America’s Team”. He was the starting quarterback for a franchise with some of the greatest players in the history of the NFL. He broke the records of the Hall of Fame players who came before him. I respect what he’s done, but here’s the problem. What has he done to earn the respect of a legend? He’s thrown for a bunch of yards, a bunch of touchdowns. Some great comeback wins, incredible game winning drives. All that is impressive, but his winning or lack there of truly amounts to nothing in the grand scheme of things. 

  I know what you’re thinking, “oh Dan Marino never won a ring, Warren Moon never won a ring and they’re in the hall” and you’re right. But look at the body of work those men have. Combined they have 18 pro bowl selections, two MVP awards, 7 times lead the league in passing yards, and 4 times lead the league in touchdowns. Besides his 4 pro bowl appearances, Romo has never lead the league in touchdowns or passing yards. He has also never won a MVP award. Those are stats you can’t argue in any way. 

  I’ve never been a fan of the Cowboys since I’m a loyal Giants fan, but I’ve always kept an eye on them. Romo has always been the guy you can never look over. He could come off of a terrible week and bounce back and light you up the next. But Romo’s resumé isn’t worthy of all these tribute videos. The countless #ThankyouRomo posts, none of it. Romo’s career was plagued by injuries so there’s a factor of ‘what if’ but we judge players based off of the work we have, right? I won’t even get into his playoff record. (2-4 in 14 seasons)

  Look, Tony Romo has some great memories in Dallas, he looks great on film. But he doesn’t have the numbers, period. He’s not a great, he’s not a hall of famer. He’ll get inducted into the cowboys ring of honor, but don’t hold your breath for a gold jacket Tony. 

Credits: Getty Images (for photos), Tony Romo @tonyromo (for photo)


-Chris W