I had actually been meaning to write this article for a minute. And now, with some extra time sitting at work and just thinking about the success he’s had, I’ve found the time to write it.

Born Khaled Mohamed Khaled, the 41 year old DJ/Producer is still in his blue flame. From being his own founder and CEO of We The Best Records, to giving an avid and responsible parent-first, artist second approach to his new born son Asahd. You can find his infamous Instagram page here.


Most artists nowadays are just concerned with being an artist. Keeping their brand trending upward and not worrying about their peers. And to be honest, that might be the way you have to be in this rap game. But Khaled has approached the game in a totally different manner. Increasing his brand and personal value, all-the-while helping his rap peers. What I mean by that is, Khaled has used his very influential social media platform to spread the wealth for many of his constituents. But not only with social media, it also accounts on his own records and albums!


Take for instance the many Snapchat famous days this man has had. Chilling on Miami yachts with the Teflon Don in Rick Ross, to inking an endorsement deal with Sean Combs’ Ciroc Boyz. He’s used his platform to gain his own personal success and brand, then later shared it through his music and social media. DJ Khaled is infamous for taking the rap game’s best artists and throwing them all one track together. Going back to sharing that wealth, giving these artists the platform to explode through his music as well.

To be blunt, DJ Khaled is just one of the few men I look up to. I’m aspiring to get on his level in the respect of using one’s platform to gain and give success. Straight like that.

Here’s to more wins and less sin…

-Terrence Whaley