Atmos Pack
Nike Air Atmos Jordan/Air Max pack that released last Saturday, March 18th, 2017.


I knew I was done with the game when I heard news last month that the Nike Air Max 1 “Atmos” was dropping for Air Max Day. Which would take place over my Spring Break, I knew they were only dropping in specific Nike retailed spots such as Kith in Manhattan, New York or Nice Kicks in Austin, Texas. Which is crazy because I so happened to be in Austin at the time of the drop for SXSW, a local music festival the city of Austin hosts annually. I didn’t even bother to visit Nice Kicks on March 18th, 2017. The day of the drop. I was over it.


Yells every sneaker lover everywhere, when we have to compete with the entire sneaker culture for one Saturday we’ve been waiting months for. I hate this shit. You’re telling me resellers are still able to cop multiple sizes at once? I still have to buy a raffle ticket? Don C 2’s not coming to Foot Locker? Boutiques only? Say man… I just want the love back. Stop telling me I have to download this app or pray that my WiFi connection is stronger than the other half-a-million kids surfing the web for the same gear as me.

When I was younger, my mom used to take me in a store and let me ask for my size, I’d watch the sales associate head back to the backroom and hand me my sneaker. Dog, those were the days when you sit back and reminisce on it. “Can I get those Nike’s in a size 11?” When was the last time you asked a human being to get you your sneaker size? Oh well man, maybe it’s gone forever. Maybe everyone just happens to love sneakers and has the money to cop. I’ll stick to my eBay sneaker market. Till next time.

P.S. I’m sad I couldn’t cop!

Here’s to more wins and less sin…

-Terrence Whaley