Spring break ends for me tonight. And God help my bank account. But that’s neither here nor there. I needed a break worse than a mother in labor. Between the fuck-ups I made before the break, to the stress that comes with being the head of something you’re building from scratch… it’s been hard. But I took the time out and took two trips from New Orleans and Austin, Texas. 

Part 1.

New Orleans was definitely a trip. Traffic turned a 5 hour drive to 8. But once we all got there we really took the city over. Went from Bourbon Street to a Methodist church the next morning smh. I didn’t take as May photos as I wanted to but just know my stress level was no where to be found in the Big Easy. I’ll be back. 

Part 2. 

South By Southwest was enjoyable. It’s pretty much a given you can’t roll unless you’re 21+. And this year I was excited that their would be no problems but none of my artists swung through. I still was able to upgrade my SoundCloud a little. Chilled with my homies. Linked with an old middle school friend. Finessed parking. Met some people. Then rolled back to campus bumping More Life. Shouts to Drake. 

Back to work though. Here’s to more wins and less sin. 

-Terrence Whaley