Bryce Goodwin.

Dear Reader,

I’ve been looking for an outlet to express myself for a while, and thanks to Play For Keeps I have found it. I will not pretend to be the smartest person or the best writer, but I can promise that my thoughts are genuine and I’m not afraid of conversation (whether that’s in the comment section or face to face).

My posts will primarily be about sports, but that doesn’t mean my commentary is limited to that. I believe sports provide metaphors for life and that we would be foolish to discuss sports in a microscope. Sports has branched into entertainment, culture, and politics; as such I intend to feature those aspects in my writing.

I’ll never say I know everything, because I don’t. People may think my opinions are dumb, and that’s well within their rights. Like I mentioned, conversation is key and I have no issue hearing a differing opinion or further explaining my ideas. Collaboration is important to the success of our generation.

Let’s be great.

-Bryce Goodwin