Today was the last time a basketball game will ever be played in what’s known now as Hofheinz Pavilion. Houston teams that won a combined 537 games and 2 final four appearances were housed here. And to be completely blunt with it, I’m so happy about it. Even though our basketball team will never play a real “home” game next year as our new arena is being built, it’s all for the process of new beginnings. I was tired of seeing an empty arena game after game as my school’s basketball team won 20+ games two years in a row. But then I realized, that maybe it wasn’t the kids. Or the team itself or the city, maybe it really was the arena the whole time.

You look around the country and you see countless amounts of schools with new and improved PRACTICE FACILITIES let alone arenas, that look 10 times better than Hofheinz. We finally made our move in 2016, finishing our new practice facility. But for the longest time, as a student, it just felt like UofH was so many years behind on improvements. I’m glad we’re seeing them come to life now though, especially during a time of winning!

Peace. Here’s to more wins and less sin.

-Terrence Whaley