NAACP’s Fashion Show flyer. Designed by our own Ronson Smith.


This past week, I was hanging out at auditions for our NAACP fashion show we do annually. And as we were going through the models that were trying out, my Vice President, Sydney had pulled up to the scene. Nothing out of the ordinary! Until I looked down at her feet. Usually I don’t give people outright compliments on their sneakers because with me, loving sneakers so much growing up, I had figured I’d seen everything. Along with any “heat” that was already released or about to drop. But what Sydney had on, I had never seen them before! She was rocking the Nike Free Connect. A women’s-only exclusive sneaker that was inspired by the U.S. Women’s Soccer player Alex Morgan.

Then it hit me! I asked Syd to take her whole shoe off so I could see the sneaker up close. Fell in love with it and started researching online retail spots to find my size, only to be disappointed later. ALL WOMEN SIZES ONLY. But I wouldn’t be deterred. My size was compatible with that of a size 12 in women’s. We on!

This story sparked an idea I had to showcase three of my favorite sneakers that were only available in women shoe sizes. Here’s a visual history of the sneakers I wish would’ve been made for me (men) too.

  1. Nike Air Max 1 ‘Blue, White/Gum’ (Released in 2016)air-max-1-blue

The first time I saw these, I was at Kith . Who doesn’t like gum bottom soles? It’s probably my favorite detail of anything you could do to a shoe. From air force 1’s and even Nike SB’s, the gum outer sole has always been clean.

2. Nike Air Presto ‘Mint’ (Released in 2016)nike-air-presto

Another one bites the dust. Nike dropped enough of these in great colorways that if you were a dude you could’ve gotten a great pair. But these were my favorite. Girls lucked out on this one.

3. Nike Free Connect ‘Volt’ (Released in 2016)


Y’all know the story. Peace.

Here’s to more wins and less sin…

-Terrence Whaley