Growing up, my folks always made sure I had everything I needed for any situation. For school, putting clothes on my back, helping me with all my troubled math homework assignments. They were always right there being my crutch. And obviously, growing up I loved it, having them there to help and always being able to reach out to them. But as I got older I realized that it hurt me more than it helped. As I began my journey in all of my solo projects of entrepreneurship, I had a weak strategy with an even weaker work ethic. And that was because I never knew what a struggle was like. I never knew what a WALL was like. You know? Like that moment that abruptly hits you with no warning. Stops all of your operation and you end up giving up on your dreams…
Early on I wanted to start my own streetwear brand. I had a name for it and everything. Started it with my friends and I knew it would pop because we had the perfect team. All except for that wall that kept us from executing. We never got it off the ground and to this day it still eats me inside.

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But with that experience, I’ve learned to keep going. I’ve learned not to stop at that first wall or any wall for that matter. Creating PFK has had its tough moments already. Tireless nights of me asking myself am I a leader? Can I really do this shit. Half the time, my girlfriend Michaya is the main reason I  back away from that ledge of failure (Thank you Chi).

Today was beautiful though. We had our first fundraising event that helped us get that first obstacle out of the way, finally having an event. I spoke with a guy by the name of Alonzo, he brought his suede Chelsea Boots by to get touched up and I sat down with him to speak on PFK in depth. He told us that he’d seen us all over social media before but had really wanted to start seeing us do more events. Which is exactly what we plan to do this semester. I’m ready to grind! And lead, but first, I must realize that the success of PFK will come in the length of a marathon and not a race. And execution of great content and material is what will keep people interested and invested in us. We welcome the challenge.

Here’s to more wins and less sin…

-Terrence Whaley