I wish liberal media would stop gassing these racists.

Stop giving them air time on your show. Stop giving them platforms period.

In the past week we’ve seen Tomi Larhen going toe-to-toe with Trevor Noah of the Daily Show, and Charlamagne of The Breakfast Club. Now, I’m not going to lie, at first I was all for Trevor Noah picking apart this girl on cable television. I watched on with all the conviction in the world as he took on that Conservative Banshee, but as it went on I saw it to be rather… unnecessary. Seeing Tomi on the Daily Show, a show I’ve watched tear conservatives and their “values” apart for years (shout out to Jon Stewart), but this spectacle did something more than making Tomi look dumb – it humanized her.

A couple of days later a pic of Charlamagne pops up of him featuring Tomi, the caption said “do you see color?” then he went on to tag Tomi. That picture was a result of Charlamagne choosing to sit down with Tomi to discuss some of the horrible things she’s said on her show. Again, she becomes more of a “regular person”, who couldn’t have possibly meant any harm, she just needs to be educated.

The problem with this of sit down and chat method is that you’re exposing her to a slew of (LUCKY) people who haven’t heard of her or her bullshit opinions. You’ve allowed for people to “see her side”, and “give her a chance” because she’s assumed to be ignorant to her own racist ways. Using someone like Tomi who is known for being blatantly racist for views and clicks normalizes her racist ideologies (see the 2016 election) and makes closet racists feel safe enough to voice their own.

-Chidi Odu