(From left to right) Wesley Okereke, Chimezie, Obi, Terrence Whaley, Melvin Jenkins, Walt Jordan, Kel, David.


Wow man. Believe it or not Melvin, I had typed up a whole other post before you probated. I knew everything I wanted to say. About how you’ve come a long way from being that quiet kid in that bucket hat and your bred 3’s from orientation. About how you was with me during all of my missteps and failures, giving me good advice on how to move forward when I needed it most. About how you’re my day 1. Real shit. I’ve watched you grow tremendously into the person you are today.


NAACP Fashion Show 2 years ago.


But I deleted it all and typed this one. Because at the end of the day you and I both know what’s up brother. No words can explain that well enough. We’ve been in this almost 3 years now and hopefully by now you know I’d do anything for you. That goes without saying. I know what comes with the territory of being Greek. At least from the outside looking in. I know I’ll see you less now. I know their will be moments you won’t be around, but just know I got your back forever g.



An eye for an eye, your beef is my beef too. One.

-Terrence Whaley