Our 1st Chair, Shirin Purnell.
I’m finally fuckin’ done with school for a second!!! Now I can write this blog post I’ve been meaning to get to. Shoutout to Thanksgiving and all of the grandmas out there cooking those greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes getting ready for Tuesday…

I wanted to update you guys on the structure of our organization. For those of you that have read and kept up with our previous posts, one of our main goals is to have Play For Keeps stay here at the University of Houston after we graduate and we took our first solid step in making that happen this month.

As we moved the 1Four7 set into my living room from the previous location, Shirin, our media chair, was and still is a huge help when it comes to the show. She kept everyone organized, came up with ideas and suggestions, gave her time and dedication and I noticed it all. Which led me to the question of asking her to be my first chairperson for PFK. She gladly accepted the challenge with a smile on her face and it gave me a sense of stability. I knew how experienced Shirin was with production and media and having her on our team was always a joy since day 1. I know this is cliché but I don’t know where we’d be without her.

I hope our show blows up so everybody can eat. Justin, Blaze, me, Shirin and anybody else that is a part of this journey. All I know is that if we do end up blowing up, Shirin will be a huge reason behind it. Till next time…

You can find Shirin’s personal YouTube channel here.

Here’s to more wins and less sin.

-Terrence Whaley