(From left to right) Shirin Purnell, Ashton Connely, Wesley Okereke, Brianna Banks, Justin Dalferes, Terrence Whaley, and Chidi Odu.

This time last year I was chopping it up with my friends over at Cougar Place. Just relaxing like we always did. Laid up and watching ESPN. Then that’s when the initial idea hit me that we could be doing so much more than this blog. Why not invent a show? Invite UH athletes on as guests. Call it 1Four7. Pitch the idea to SVN and never look back… Well a lot of shit has happened since then. School work, stress, and just life in general. We shot the first show October 13th and I’ll never forget it. Right in that SVN studio and I thought we were on the right path. But that setting never felt like home. And some other issues arose, so we decided to bring our idea back home, literally.

Building a studio in my living room at the Lofts? I never dreamt it. But the feeling and vibe instantly changed. I invited my friends to come watch the live show and I felt more of myself on camera. More confident. More important. More independent. The feeling felt like heaven and this is just the first show of many and first idea of many. I guess this is what it’s like having your own shit.

I want to thank Paige Lawrence for being my first athlete guest. That meant a lot and was a goal for a long time, getting the show to be how I wanted. I want to thank Chidi and Brianna for swinging through. Ashton and Wesley for knockin’ their first episode of Trophies out of the park. Shirin and Justin for being the magicians that you are. Ronson for being that advice guy on set. And God above all.

See you next week.

Here’s to more wins and less sin.


-Terrence Whaley