I can’t remember how long ago this idea came to mind. The whole 1Four7 thing… It was some odd months ago, and in between then and now a lot has happened. I became a Junior in college and classes got hectic, some traveling, family problems, and most sleepless nights stressed. Stressed that PFK was just an “idea”. Having endless conversations with people about it but never having any product to show for it. But tonight that changed forever.

For everybody that was on set tonight that watched us get this done, it all may have seemed like just getting the job done. But for me, I was deadass smiling inside. My dream had just then become a reality for me because product was made by PFK for PFK. On October 13th… Thank you Shirin and Justin for helping set up and film, this couldn’t have been done without you. Michaya and Blaze, thank you for being there for me and giving your support. Wes, thank you for being one of my greatest friends and being my first guest. All was well and everything was everything.

Our first episode will air next Sunday, October 23rd!

Here’s to more wins and less sin. Peace!

– Terrence Whaley