My girlfriend, Michaya. And our new banner.


About two weeks ago my big bro Larry Hines came to the city from San Antonio to do a Drake show for Scoremore. Which was cool because I hadn’t seen him since he graduated in May.


Our 1st logo design.

For those of you who don’t know, Larry also was the originator of our first logo ever. It was a regular night my sophomore year, relaxing in my dorm room. I was having trouble getting some inspiration for our logo. I gave him an idea and shortly after, he drew that basketball goal inside the P and I knew that was the look I wanted! And that shit still means a lot to me to this day. He still gives me advice and still tells me what I need to be doing. It’s great, because I need that. Every successful person in life needs that voice in their head that expects great things from them and he is that person for me.

But back to the story, once Larry came to Houston he hit me over text. Just to chop it up and let me know that he had made it. Then he hit me with this text. “You selling your shadows yet or nah?” We went back and forth on price and finally settled on one. We met up and exchanged money for the shoes.

PFK’s 1st money deposit receipt.


That next day I went ahead and put some of the money into our account for PFK. I was so proud of myself because I knew exactly what the money was going to. This big glossy banner I had been plotting on for a while and some posters for our 1st general meeting in October! I copped both that same day. And what I realized was, that purchase felt just as good as copping a fresh pair of jays from MJ himself. Because just as you would put a new pair of sneakers on to upgrade your appearance and self-esteem, I did the same thing for PFK buying our marketing materials.

Now I finally understand why Dom said…

“Don’t pack them Air Jordan’s boy you not gon need em.”

That’s all for now. Here’s to more wins and less sin.

-Terrence Whaley