Producer of PFK’s 1four7 show, Destinie Holiday.

The first time I met Destinie it went so naturally. I was having a meeting with Blaze and Melvin, trying to get our schedule together for the semester and she came out of no where. Destinie is Blaze’s roommate, the two of them had spoke about PFK on other occasions. Blaze told me she was interested in our idea, and usually, once someone hears about PFK, I always want to meet with them in person so that I can present it in the best way possible. So this was a great opportunity that popped out of nowhere. Once we all started talking, I noticed how much of a help Destinie could be for our mission. She agreed, Destinie told me personally, “I enjoy genuine people who dream big and work hard. When Terrence told me about his plans for PFK, I became extremely interested. I gave a few tips and constantly asked him to get in contact with me if he needed any help. When he asked me to become the producer for 1four7, I took him up on the offer. I see longevity in PFK and huge things in the future for UH and the surrounding community. Anything established pure of heart for others will never fail but grow beautifully.”

What drew me to her was her willingness to help. And her experience. We were speaking about how we wanted to implement a YouTube Channel with the Student Video Network on campus. A show that would allow students and student athletes to come on the show and create an experience where the viewer gets to know the guest personally. I knew she had experience working with SVN and running her own show. She’s even currently running a show as the head host of New Legendz radio.

Since we brought her on our team, not only has our production team begun to take shape, but our idea of a show has now turned into a reality for me. Her pure leadership and drive allows me to have confidence in her as our producer and I’m glad to have her. Welcome to the dream team Destinie!

Here’s to more wins and less sin.

-Terrence Whaley