Two summers ago I was finishing up my spring semester at school and my mom had booked my flight back home. Back to the 704. Home for me is Charlotte, NC. And it didn’t surprise me that this would be the place I would find my purpose in the world.

Those that know the story behind PFK know my entire back story. From when my brother asked me to volunteer at Muggsy Bouges’ annual Back 2 School camp for kids, all the way to me and my friends wanting to fix a problem we noticed at school. This interview is for those that don’t know that story yet. That are wondering what those 3 letters mean and the love behind it. I hope this video finds you well.

Thank you New Legendz and Destinie Holiday, Terrence, Justin and Corey! Giving me my first opportunity at an interview and to shine on your platform, I’ll never forget it.

Here’s to more wins and less sin. Peace.

– Terrence Whaley