I know blogging is dead. And maybe you won’t read this. But honestly, this photo was so warm and it really summed up the day I had at Cat’s Back this past Thursday. Thank you Kelechi…

When I stepped into the Rec Center at UH to attend my first Cat’s Back, I shrunk up in my shoes. I saw how unprepared I was and how every organization had cool giveaways for the students. I showed up by myself for a good 30 minutes before Blaze got there and I was just as nervous as could be. I was ashamed to even hold my tri-fold up. The first two freshmen to step to me didn’t even sign up for my newsletter.

For those that don’t know what Cat’s Back is, it’s basically a spot for organizations on campus to present themselves to the student body. This was PFK’s first time being presented in the public eye. We had a goal of getting 5 people to sign up, little did we know we would easily body that number an hour into the event. Little by little, my pitch became more and more smooth. We ended up with 32 potential members signing up to join.

The point of that event and this photo is to show you that my confidence grew that day. That Play For Keeps wasn’t just some master plan that only made sense to me and my friends. Thank you for the opportunity, UH.

Here’s to more wins and less sin. Peace.

– Terrence Whaley