Cavs Forward, LeBron James on his Draft Day in 2003.

Style and the fashion industry alone behold many critics, something a 31 year old LeBron James knows a lot about. From dubbing himself “King James” right out of high school and sports writers calling him the “Chosen One”, LeBron started his NBA career off with critics. From not being able to get it done in Cleveland early in his career, to taking his talents to South Beach, to becoming 2-4 in the NBA Finals. All of these reasons, as valid as they might be, the one thing that’s difficult to be critical of LBJ about is his personal style.

LeBron James on ESPN delivering “The Decision”.

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LeBron’s decision to leave from Cleveland to Miami was heartbreaking for local Cavs fans, but for those that paid close attention to the king saw a personal change. A change in his personal style.  Leaving Cleveland for Miami in July of 2010 landed LeBron in a much bigger and desirable sports market. A flashier and sexier city if you will, this allowed LeBron to expand his style along with his game.

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Though LeBron  would not only elevate his suit collection, he would also elevate his love for streetwear too, as you can see in the slideshow above.

LeBron James after Game 1 of the ECF vs. Toronto Raptors.

Now that the 2016 NBA Finals have rolled around, the microscope on LeBron
James never fails to intensify. And after every game, LeBron still brings fire from his closet.That’s all she wrote folks. Peace.

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  •  By: Terrence Whaley