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This is my plan to get up off these keyboards… To getting out and making connections with athletes that go to my school. Getting them out to the public as PEOPLE rather than just athletes. Making an effort, a lot better than our school’s athletic department does. I want our students to be able to match a name to a face for our athletes. As well as give the athletes themselves some more recognition.

Since spring semester ended I’ve been trying to detail a show that PFK could bring to the table in order to get these UH athletes in front of a screen. YouTube has been my best friend. I’ve never been a “vlogger”, but YouTube is full of them. Right now I’ve been peeping game from two channels in particular. Snoop Dogg’s GGN Network and Vice Sports. These two spots have been laying the groundwork of our show.

I’d like for it to have the kickback and relax smooth feel of Snoop Dogg’s network and still have enough exclusive info that Vice gives to the public. It’s still all in my little 10 cent journal from Walmart. Scheming and dreaming.

I’m trying to get straight to the point with it when I get back to Houston for my summer semester. I want to get it rolling since I know everyone is always on their social networks during the summer. This could be a great opportunity to get people’s attention while I’m still doing my school work.

I’ve got two guests in mind for my first two episodes, I’m ready to get to work. Keep and eye out for  #1four7 . Peace!

  • Credits: (For the Videos).
  • By: Terrence Whaley