Cavs’ PG Kyrie Irving

In light of Kyrie Irving’s performance in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Toronto Raptors, it reminded me how elite point guards are today with the ball in their hands. Kyrie got freaky with it last night to say the least, Toronto’s Kyle Lowry and Cory Joseph never had a chance.  But he isn’t the only guard who’s made defenders look foolish. Or made the crowds get up out of their seat.

Here’s 5 of the greatest crossovers I’ve ever seen while they were happening!

5. Cardiac Kemba sends UCONN to the Tournament

Victim: Gary McGhee


Whats crazy is, I had just started becoming a UCONN fan a few days before this moment. More so of a Kemba Walker fan, but this guy standing 6’1, took his school all the way to the National Championship game with this shot. UCONN needed to win the Big East Tournament to even be selected to the tourney which makes this shot even more memorable. Pitt, the team they were playing for the Big East chip switched everything on defense. Kemba knew this so UCONN set a high-ball screen in order to get a big man mismatched onto the star point guard. They got the mismatch, Kemba drove to the cup and hit Gary McGhee with 2 crazy stepbacks. The rest is history…

4. Kyrie Shows Houston a Good Knight

Victim: Brandon Knight


This one makes the list just off of the memory of how funny it was watching it happen. The crossover in itself was not all that great but the result of the stepback really made my night. Brandon Knight needs to know you MUST WIPE YA SHOES ON THAT STICKY PAD BEFORE ENTERING THE GAME. Get a grip young fella. Literally.

3. Iggy Got Really Crazy on This One

Victim: Quincy Miller


This play Andre Iguodala made did not get enough love. Mainly because it was a mid-season game on TNT and everyone knew Golden State would beat Denver so why watch? Well Iggy gave everyone a highlight…

2. “See Ya Later”

Victim: Wesley Matthews


One of the best to ever do it. Period.

1.”Chris Paul Goes Dancing”

Victim: Chris Paul


This easily the funniest shit I ever seen in my life.

  • Credits: Youtube.com (For the videos)
  • By: Terrence Whaley