Straight to the Pros

Man a lot has happened since the last time I wrote here. A lot has been learned and I’ve listened to a lot of people tell me some things(Shoutout my homie Larry Hines II). I’ve changed jobs. Had deaths in the family. Drake dropped VIEWS! I’m finishing up my Junior year in college, I’m scared as hell by the way. Being a grown up and not having everything completely figured out. But anyways…. Since I’ve been gone I’ve mistreated PFK, putting my dreams on the back burner for school work. Letting my personal life blur my view for what this could be. I think what’s kept me so distant for so long is the fact that I haven’t been working towards my goals everyday. Doing something that pertains to PFK everyday. I’m still learning how to keep my confidence levels up when it comes to this. I’ve got to get it together and recently I have been.

Like I said I changed jobs, previously I was just working a desk job, but thanks to my right hand Blaze Washington, she got me a gig with the athletic department. Working hand-and-hand with the basketball team, coaches, the entire basketball program really. Today is my first day too! Also, I finally completed the process of making Play for Keeps a registered organization on my campus here in Houston. I’m just waiting on my acceptance e-mail. It’s exciting! Because even though it feels like I haven’t done much yet, I’m getting the 1 goal I wanted to complete going into the summer. And that feels good to know. This new job will help me pitch my ideas to our school in order to get PFK rolling a bit and open some doors. I figure if I can fix some of the problems that the basketball team has, our other sports programs will reach out to us as well.

I’m not alone, I’ve got some help with me and I appreciate everyone who has and still is supporting me along the way. All love on this side, it was written! Peace!

-Terrence Whaley