OVO x Jordan. 

Where did it all start? Who wrote the contracts? I thought brands made exclusive sneakers for athletes only or those with influence in athletics only? Well it’s 2016 now, so scratch all of the traditional way of doing things. Now it’s all about a brand’s relationship with it’s consumer. And of course that dollar bill. Any person with enough influence can get their own sneaker made. Even B-List rappers get sneakers (Pusha-T).

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To keep it real, these brands are at each other’s neck right now. With the exception of Under Armour, which doesn’t need any help selling basketball shoes with Stephen Curry at the helm, Adidas and Nike are jocking for the top spot for coolness. Even Puma placed Rihanna in a Creative Director position at Puma.

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Every sneaker brand is grabbing for an artists to keep their sales up. It’s pretty cool though, everybody is a fan of everybody. So when sneakers drop, brands knew fans would come running to cop. It’s a new wave that’s refreshing from previous years of predictable sneaker releases.

Credits: Sneakernews, Complex Mag, Puma, and Sole Collector (For the photos).

-Terrence Whaley