Today, the Carolina Panthers lost their first game of the season (14-1) to the Atlanta Falcons on the road. After the game, a reporter asked Panthers’ QB Cam Newton about suffering the first loss of the season. He said, “We got our ass kicked… I’m talking with the mirror in front of my face.”

What I took from that quote was that the leader of this previously undefeated Carolina Panthers team, just told the world that he needed to be better today. Not only today but from here on out if the Panthers want to win a Super Bowl. But that’s not the only thing I took from the quote. I also relate to his words. Me being the founder of PFK, I MUST do a better job of leading by example and getting things done. So people on my team can keep their confidence high, to keep believing in this beautiful dream we’ve got. Just like a quarterback is supposed to do for his team.

I will lead by example. I will bring the heat. This is my dream, I have no choice. My youth is running out. But I’m going for the Super Bowl! It’s lit. Keep believing in me if you’re reading this. The fire is still underneath me. Peace.

Credits: (For the photo), Bleacher Report (for the quote).

-Terrence Whaley