Cavs SF LeBron James.

Some of you may not have noticed, shoot, I claim to be the biggest LeBron fan on earth and I didn’t even notice. But just in case you didn’t, look at the photo above and you’ll see a change in LeBron James’ Cleveland Caviliers’ uniform. His shorts, turning back the clock going from long to short. Short enough to even see his compression shorts underneath! So why is this? Why all of a sudden does LBJ change the way he’s worn his uniform for 11 years now in the NBA? 

(From L to R) Cavs PG Kyrie Irving and SF LeBron James.

LeBron was simply looking for a way to be a better role model for the youth. Tightening the look of his uniform to make it look more professional. He didn’t particularly come out and say he wanted to get rid of the “sagging your pants” look to the long shorts. That’s what I automatically thought. It’s dope in my opinion though. With LeBron now in his 30’s, seeing him take a stand for the youth just tells me he still understands his influence in the world. When asked about the change earlier in the year, he said “I’m always thinking of ways I can be of help. That’s what it’s all about, making sure you do your part” (USA Today). 


(From L to R) Cavs SF LeBron James and Philly SF JaKarr Sampson.

Shoutout to you LeBron! Here at PFK, one of the reasons we want to be an academy is to not only be a camp for kids, but to also teach them values in life and how to be and look professional. We see you #23! 

Credits: USA Today (For the photos and quote). 

– Terrence Whaley