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Desmond Howard…


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The lone two wide receivers to ever win the coveted Heisman Trophy award. In it’s 80 years of existence, think of all the talented wide receivers to ever play the game. In college and in the NFL, you’ve got guys like Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald to be specific. The last two notable receivers to come close to winning. Randy finishing 4th and Larry finishing 2nd in voting respectively.

Charles Woodson, former defensive back for the University of Michigan, winning Heisman Trophy.
Charles Woodson, former defensive back for the University of Michigan, winning Heisman Trophy.

So why don’t they win? The trophy is notoriously given to quarterbacks and running backs every year so where does the problem lie? Is it stats? Is it the degree of difficulty by position? Maybe it’s just not the norm to give it to a receiver. In my opinion, I feel that it has to do with a little bit of all these things. But above all, to me the trophy is given to the player with the most glamour and flash during their performances. That’s why only 1 defensive player has won the trophy. Defense isn’t glamorous. Nor is it based on just one individual. But Charles Woodson did a great job of being glamorous with eye popping stats. Recording 8 interceptions and 4 pick-6’s to go along with them during his Heisman-winning season. The Heisman Trust is a club of great players to keep it short and sweet. With that, ‘we’ve been put on a pedestal’ feeling. This is just how it has appeared to me over the years as I’ve watched the event on TV.

So wide receivers don’t have enough glamour or crazy big time stats? Of course they do. What hurts them is the degree of difficulty. Receivers have 3 jobs at best, block,  create separation and go get that ball! But what else are they in control of? They catch the ball and gain big yardage plays and that’s great but you’re not a quarterback. You don’t lead the entire team, you don’t call plays or call audibles at the line of scrimmage. Running backs are almost always operating on an island once they pass their offensive line. The degree of difficulty at that position doesn’t even compare. Learn a few hesitation moves and lower your head the right way and you’ve got a good shot at the Heisman.

Corey Coleman, WR for Baylor.
Corey Coleman, WR for Baylor.

I hate it for these guys because the system has already been set. Even Desmond and Tim were punt returners to go along with being receivers. Quarterbacks and running backs also don’t have to share stats with their teammates. At this position, 3 or 4 receivers can be on the field on every play. So it makes sense why receivers never win, I just wish more did win. Switch it up some! Give that man Corey Coleman some votes! The man has 20 touchdowns and counting!

Credits: Bleacher Report and (for the photos). Yahoo Sports (for historical and statistical info).

-Terrence Whaley