Last weekend on Halloween, Ohio State starting quarterback JT Barrett was arrested for a DWI. As a result, he was suspended for Saturday’s game against Minnesota. Then, Coach Myer announced he would lose his financial aid for the 2016 term. Basically, he has to pay out of pocket for his school during next summer. He’s eligible to return November 14th at Illinois.

 Here’s my problem with this; JT won’t learn. Yeah, as a fan of Ohio State I’m glad he’ll have a chance to win his job back. But as a college football fan, I know he’s liable to make this mistake again. You take away his financial aid, he pays for classes. What lesson is he learning here? It’s up to Urban to teach these players not just football but life lessons.

 Now with JT out at least this week; it’s back to Cardale at the helm. That makes me nervous. Cardale has one of the best arms in college football today. They don’t call him 12 gauge for nothing. But Cardale lacks leadership qualities. Late in the year, it’s not only up to the coach to lead the team. Every time I see him drop back to pass, I hold my breath. His accuracy is improving but still not where it should be. He doesn’t read every play like he should, but his athleticism makes up for it.

 Could we see the return of the real?! For those who don’t know, #Returnofthereal was a hashtag used by QB/WR Braxton Miller on his social media during his recover from injuring his shoulder. With JT out, Braxton is bumped up to #2 on the depth chart. Being fully healthy, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of seeing Brax in the pocket this week.

In the end, them boys in Columbus are repeating. Just wait on it .

Credits: USA Today (for photos)

-Chris Wright