When it comes to this sports thing, I love every aspect of it. The fans, the fight songs, the tailgating. The trash talk, the raw emotion, the atmosphere. Even the ghosts of the legends who are long gone. What I love most about sports is how fans treat fans of the same team like family. Go anywhere in the country, and run into a fellow Giants fan at a game; we’ll be like brothers for at least 60 minutes of football. It’s those little things that make sports so amazing to me.

The trenches comes from the position I played in football. Offensive line. That’s the heartbeat of a football team. I call this journal the Trenches because I’ll give my true opinion on things. In your face type of opinion. It may be single game, it may be a single player. It won’t be many stats given; just what I’m feeling this week.

With the NBA season coming up, I feel it’s only right to touch on it. In my eyes, Carmelo Anthony is the best player in the league. Age hasn’t slowed him down offensively; defensively? Well we all know he doesn’t play any. I think Melo should’ve left for Chicago when he had a chance. Get that ring. Don’t be another Charles Barkley. That’s not a knock on Chuck, but he never won a ring and I would hate to see Melo go out without one. Do I see Melo getting one this year? Absolutely not. Their teams full of inexperience and their coach just got snuck by a Matt Barnes. That’s a huge distraction. It’s not good for young guys to have to deal with distractions early on in the year, especially something that big.

I’m excited to have this platform to share my opinions like this. I know I’ll get some grief for some of the future ones; but I wouldn’t be excited about this if I didn’t already know that. Take it or leave it, I’m just getting started. Welcome to The Trenches.

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-Chris Wright