Mars Blackmon played by Spike Lee.

I’ve been busy man. Really busy. Between my personal life and my school life and my play for keeps life, it’s been getting really tough to stay leveled. But the funny thing is I love it. I don’t mind it all, I don’t complain or want to give up. Being busy has been my entire life and I don’t want it to stop now. Classes aren’t that bad, I don’t stress school like I used to. My personal life is going great, I keep meeting people everyday like usual. Having conversations about my dreams with them. Accepting their feedback and listening to their advice. I know I’ll need it because at the end of the day PFK is for them. My peers here at the University of Houston and the remaining outside world once we expand. I’ve realized now that all of my text messages and emails have turned into business transactions. Setting meetings and schedules up, it’s beautiful really I love it.

Yesterday I went to Bank of America to set up a bank account specifically for us here at PFK. The way I see it, the earlier we start saving the easier it’ll be down the line to help with our sports academy. I’d imagine things will start getting expensive. All of the materials we’ll need for the camps, I’ll want to have no problem getting it all. I even want the first set of kids to have practice jerseys and backpacks they can wear to school! I have it all dreamed up in my head, seeing kids faces light up as we accomplish great things is all I see in the future.

I don’t want this to ever have limits. I hate calling it a company or a brand when people ask me what this is. In my head, when I think of it I just see it as an ever growing idea. Nothing can keep it from growing because sports never stops. I want to always be open to new ideas and planning. The official team is 7 deep now. I’m currently looking for an editor to add to the team to keep our articles looking professional day-to-day. I’m also looking for a graphic designer. I’m looking for a lot really. At this point, anybody I meet that has the same passion for this idea as me I’m willing to add. So we’ll see what happens, but until then, it was written!

Credits : Nike (For The Photo)

– Terrence Whaley