TCU; the team in the preseason who some projected to win it all, is slowly finding itself falling down the rankings. Personally, I haven’t been sold on TCU all year. Yeah, they’re averaging more than 40 points a game, but they give up half of that every week. When they’ve faced a decent defense in week 4 (Texas Tech) they won the game on a lucky catch. Yeah I said it; LUCKY. They gave up the same type of numbers they put up themselves. TCU had 750 total yards, and they gave up 607 total. In comparison to the only other relevant Big XII team; in week 4, Baylor destroyed Rice 70-17. Baylor put up 793 total yards and gave up only 246 total yards.

Now, I know what you’re thinking; Rice is no comparison to Texas Tech. But when you play in a conference against teams who play NO defense, everyone is comparable. Last week, TCU played an Iowa State team who went 2-10 last season. On paper, it looked like it would be an easy win. TCU won the game 47-21 after starting the game down 21-14 in the first quarter. After the game, Coach Gary Patterson said “We might have the worst first quarter defense in college football right now. Holy smokes” Holy smokes is right coach. Your team gave up 7 points in the first two games, then turned around and gave up 37 points to 1-5 SMU. This trend of inconsistency isn’t what the Horned Frogs need this late in the year.

TCU isn’t out of the race just yet; playing West Virginia this weekend then heading into a bye week. If TCU wants to keep their playoff hopes alive; they need to be a complete team. An old saying in football “offense wins games, but defense wins championships” rings true to this day and age of committee voting. They face Oklahoma, Oklahoma state, and Baylor in the next 6 weeks. TCU’s offense can compete with anyone in the country, there’s no doubting that. But, will they be able to hold on against a real defense?

The committee’s first rankings of the season comes in two weeks on November 3rd; my opinion? #1 Ohio State, #2 Baylor, #3 Utah, and #4 LSU.

Credits: Getty Images photographer Peter G. Alken (for photo).

-Chris Wright