This has been a very interesting NFL season so far to say the least. The rampage of the New England Patriots, the fall of the Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, and the Baltimore Ravens, as well as the emergence of the Carolina Panthers. In honor of all of this change I figured it would only be right that I tell my top 5 NFL teams right now (in order).

#5 – The Denver Broncos (Defense)

Denver Broncos Defensive Unit
Denver Broncos Defensive Unit

These guys snuck into the countdown by default. It was gonna be Terrence’s New York Giants until an embarrassing 27-7 loss to Chip Kelly’s Eagles last night which I couldn’t ignore. Everyone knows the Broncos’ offense is a pain to look at ranking 29th in total offense. Peyton Manning is a shell of himself and their run game is pedestrian. On the other hand, their defense is championship caliber, ranking 2nd in total defense and practically willing the team to its current 6-0 record.

#4 – The Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers
Panthers’ QB #1 Cam Newton running by Seahawks’ FS #29 Earl Thomas III

2 words. Cam Newton. He is virtually putting the team on his back and carrying them through the NFC. Coming off of a late game 27-23 win over the defending NFC champion Seattle Seahawks on the road, who are looking less and less like themselves every weekend. It hasn’t always been pretty but the Panthers are finding a way to win, which is all that matters when it’s all said and done. The Panthers are 1 of 5 still unbeaten teams and look to keep that momentum going.

#3 – The Green Bay Packers

Packers' QB #12 Aaron Rodgers handing off to RB #27 Eddie Lacy
Packers’ QB #12 Aaron Rodgers handing off to RB #27 Eddie Lacy

If I had to make a Super Bowl pick out of the NFC right now, my money is on the cheese-heads in Wisconsin. Despite being short-staffed on offense, Aaron Rodgers is still Aaron Rodgers and will create offense. They do however look beatable, letting the struggling Chargers give them a scare last Sunday afternoon. They are still atop the NFC at 6-0.

#2 – The New England Patriots

Patriots' QB #12 Tom Brady leading the team out of the tunnel.
Patriots’ QB #12 Tom Brady leading the team out of the tunnel.

This team was far and beyond #1 until Sunday night. Yes they won, yes they are still undefeated, and yes they are still the defending Super Bowl Champions, but they looked very vulnerable against a Colts team who has limped through this season so far. In a game that everyone had written off as a blowout, the Colts stayed fairly close and finished only losing by 7 with a weak defensive unit and absolutely pitiful offensive line. The Pats are still my pick to come out of the AFC and return to that special Sunday in February, but as far as who’s playing the best football right now, they come up second best.

#1 – The Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals' QB #14 Andy Dalton calling a play.
Bengals’ QB #14 Andy Dalton calling a play.

As much as I still have my doubts about this team, they look extremely impressive through 6 games remaining undefeated. This team, on paper, looks scary. Solid QB, intimidating 2 headed running attack, weapons on the outside, solid offensive line, and an average defense. The Bengals have blown teams out, and won close ones. Andy Dalton even led them to a 17 point 4th quarter comeback and won in overtime against Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks. They have all of the tools to make a surprising playoff run despite that being their Achilles’ heel as of late. The jury is still out on this team, but for now my money is on them for a lot of their regular season match-ups. Too bad we don’t get to see them play the Patriots in the regular season.

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– Melvin Jenkins Jr.