LeBron James and his youngest son Bryce.
Views! Views! Views! From… All over? I just want to take the time to express my happiness with the fact that you guys have been looking at the site and peeping our material. It’s a cool thing to know our thoughts and our opinions here at Play For Keeps get read and matter. We’ve also added 3 new writers to the team this week. Which means our output on material will stay constant and you’ll hear from us a lot more! We’re trying to get to a point where we never skip a day. 

But anyways, I’ve been working on getting some shirts made. A 1st edition of many t-shirt’s we plan on making. But this first shirt will be given out to our family, close friends, and whoever we have left over within reach. Something dope that you can wear anywhere at anytime. We’re going to take our time with it to get the quality right and have it looking the way we want it to. I’m excited though, everyday I’m working on PFK. Whether it’s scheming up ideas while I’m in class, writing articles, or sketching logos up. I look at it this way, the more things we get done, the harder it will be to stop our creation. That’s the motivation I wake up to everyday. 

Next week we’re preparing to get some photos done of the team so that we can put an identity to our website. We’ve been trying to get it done for a few weeks now but also remember we are students as well. Trying to juggle our schedules together has been pretty hard but we’re maintaining things nonetheless. Be on the lookout for new things coming on our snapchat this week (playfourkeeps1). And keep an eye on us most importantly. You’ll remember these articles once we become something major. Until then, it was written!!! 

– Terrence Whaley