Above, UNC senior guard Marcus Paige debuts new black alternate jerseys to his teammates.

Anybody who has ever played an organized sport understands that it’s just as important to look good as it is to play good. Well, North Carolina’s basketball program uses that statement as living proof. With the third most wins among all of college basketball schools (2140 wins), slightly behind Kansas at second and Kentucky at the top spot respectively. Additionally, UNC’s uniforms were ranked in the top 4 of Complex Magazine’s ‘The 25 Greatest College Basketball Uniforms of All Time’. So what am I getting at here? The best of the best in college basketball also tend to have the best uniforms. But after a few years pass and fans have seen the same home and away jerseys, an addition to the rotation wouldn’t hurt. Especially when you’re being sponsored by Jordan Brand.

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UNC’s school colors primarily are made up of baby blue and white. And as time passed and Michael Jordan came back to his alma mater to sponsor UNC, silver squeaked into the later year jerseys. So you would assume if an alternate jersey were to be created, silver would be that option. It was in 2012. Carolina debuted a grey and baby blue alternate in 2012 against the Maryland Terrapins. But this year will be completely different, let’s go with black. Smash it right up against baby blue with the traditional plaid diamonds running down the armpit lining of the jersey and there you have it. That’s exactly what the Jordan Brand did and it came out amazing. Being a life-long Carolina basketball fan I love our original jerseys but this jersey we have now is amazing. Being able to see a new addition even if only for one game, will be a gift to the eye.

UNC is set to wear their new black alternate jersey against UCLA in Brooklyn, New York, December 19th. Carolina has been ranked as the number 1 team in the nation in multiple pre-season rankings from sporting outlets such as CBS and SB Nation. Both teams will be ready to play as UCLA is looking to have a big win to establish themselves as title-contenders. Keep your eyes open for this match-up around Christmas time. Until then, it was written!!!!

Credits: Go Heels TV (For the video). Complex Magazine and CBS Sports (For ranking info).

-Terrence Whaley