Chicago Bulls Legends : Michael Jordan (left), Scottie Pippen (right).
Chicago Bulls Legends : Michael Jordan (left), Scottie Pippen (right).

I want people to understand that this IS NOT A BLOG. We are not blogging by any means. That is not our mission. This website is primarily a spot for Melvin and I (and other potential writers we’ll add to our team) to showcase our sports knowledge. And gain credibility. For those that are reading The Pull Up Journal for the first time, this is my second entry. And my own personal spot just to update you guys on how Play For Keeps is doing at home. Increasing our connection a bit, enjoy….

What’s crazy is how much can change in a week. And how much can be accomplished. Throughout the week we’ve finally opened up some of our social networks to the public. Mainly only following the folks we’ve told about PFK already. We figured it was time to finally start showing the beginnings of what we have so far, to not only our friends and peers here at school but our friends all over the world. And even though most people don’t know too much about what Play For Keeps even is at this moment, that leads me into what I’ll say next.

Creating an opening presentation for the public has been our main focus for a long time now. Following people on snapchat and twitter, trying to get a wide variety of media platforms so that everyone can see what we’re about all at the same time. We plan to take photos in some exclusive spots on campus here at the University of Houston. Providing the public with a few introductory videos from Blaze and Melvin and I to better explain what we’re doing here and what each of our end goals are. Once that releases and once we put our ideas in to motion, we are completely confident that this will turn into something very special.

Don’t sleep!

-Terrence Whaley