#1 – Beat’s by Dre’s ‘Re-Established w/ LeBron James’ Commercial

This was easy for me. I haven’t seen a greater commercial since my first time seeing it last summer. You will catch on to the fact that LeBron James is my favorite basketball player breathing right now. Showcasing his hometown of Akron and his regular workout regiment made for a great commercial. Enjoy.

#2 – Nike’s ‘#KOBESYSTEM’ Commercial

Off hilariousness alone.

#3 – Adidas’ ‘The Run’ Commercial

The OG commercial of the bunch. This commercial was made back in 2009 right before the NBA season started. Adidas got some of their best endorsement athletes together for a pick up game and it got pretty exciting. It’s pretty long but definitely enjoyable.

#4 – Jordan Brand’s ‘Maybe It’s My Fault’ Commercial

This is my favorite commercial featuring Michael Jordan. He barely appears in it, just briefly at the end he makes his face known. But he spends most of his time narrating the commercial blaming himself for the reason people think he didn’t work hard to get where he is today. Seeing Michael play you almost take his hard work for granted because he made all of his moves look so effortless. This was a reminder that hard work got him to where he wanted to go and reminds viewers to do the same.

#5 – Under Armour’s ‘I Will’ Commercial

I remember seeing this for the first time about a year ago. It just reminds me of being in high school, having to get up early Monday through Saturday. Having to compete with my teammates and butting heads when competition got rough. Under Armour did a great job in this commercial showing a quick look at how high school football practices look.

Credits: Youtube.

-Terrence Whaley