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Surprise surprise, I can’t explain the feeling I got watching this game from the stands. But I’ll settle with the word proud for now. Early on, our Houston Cougar football team carried a swagger and confidence about them after their recent win over the Louisville Cardinals along with an additional bye week. Houston grabbed the lead early on against Texas State as the first quarter ended with a score of 14 to 7. But from then on, with some help from Greg Ward Jr’s 6 total touchdowns, the Cougars didn’t look back. The score gap climbed from 7 to 35 before the 1st half even ended.

What I took away from this game was that this football team is gaining it’s identity. They could’ve easily been complacent with their great start to the season and been lazy on defense with poor execution on offense. Or been easily distracted by James Harden’s appearance at the game shortly into the first quarter but they didn’t fold! They took apart a lesser opponent and never gave them any confidence. As a fan of my university’s football team I am glad to say the entire team took care of business on both sides of the ball.

Coach Tom Herman and Greg Ward seem to be gaining quite a bit of chemistry as well. Allowing Greg to throw more long passes in this game which had been something new from the easier short gain and screen passes I usually see. Demarcus Ayers also had an incredible game receiving, hauling in 8 receptions for 126 yards and 2 touchdowns. I’ve started calling him ‘Automatic’ as a nickname because every time Greg throws to him he gains yards every time. Greg finished the game 17-of-21 on passing attempts for 274 yards with 6 touchdowns! Our defense held strong too with 4 takeaways and even a pick 6 by defensive back William Jackson III. Finishing the game 59 to 14 against Texas State. This win now makes the Houston Cougars 3-0 on the season. I’m excited to see where our football team and our football coach will take us this season, until then, it was written!

Credits: KHOU News and (for the photos)

-Terrence Whaley