Well, WHAT CAN I SAY! I am very happy. Before I get into this commitment, allow me to preface my comments by telling you that I am the BIGGEST UNC basketball fan there is to offer. Anything that has to deal with my Tar Heels I am automatically tuned in. So as the NCAA opened an investigation last November into the accreditation of the African American Studies department at the University of North Carolina, it not only hurt me personally but it hurt potential recruits in the class of 2015. The NCAA can threaten penalties ranging from lessening the amount of scholarships a coach has to give out to potential recruits, to prohibiting a school from participating in the NCAA Tournament. No high school recruit wants to come to a school with that possibility hanging over them.

With UNC basketball’s lavish history of winning championships and sending former alumni to the NBA such as Michael Jordan and Vince Carter, seeing us miss out on every national top 50 recruit target we had was harsh. None of the top 50 committed to Carolina last year which really showed the proof in the pudding. But the 2016  recruiting class is starting to change that. With a commitment early this September from 5-star recruit Tony Bradley, who will play Center for UNC next year. Now, Brandon Robinson… our second commitment in a month. The 6’5 shooting guard from Georgia lead his AAU team (Georgia Stars) to a Nike Peach Jam title over this past summer. Through the highlights I’ve witnessed Brandon in, he’s a very capable shooter from long range. Much more of a slasher than a spot up shooter though. With some college conditioning his body will fit out from his current slim frame. I don’t want to compare him to former player J.P. Tokoto, Brandon has much more shooting and scoring potential than J.P. possessed. But I can see Brandon playing the role of the defender on next year’s squad as J.P. had done in the past. Using his long arms to deflect passes and cause problems.

Look for Brandon Robinson to make a lot of noise next year during his senior season. He is currently ranked No. 61 on ESPN’s top 100 recruits list. Now that his recruitment is behind him, he will have nothing to worry about accept the game of basketball and getting better. I predict he’ll end up somewhere in the top 50 at the end of next season! Until then, it was written!

Credits: ESPN and 247 Sports (For national ranking information).

-Terrence Whaley