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There wasn’t any doubt in my mind who deserved athlete of the week this week. Off eye test alone I was impressed with LSU’s 2nd year running back Leonard Fournette. Sometimes it’s hard for me to sit and watch an entire football game but when I get the chance to watch a talented running back work I keep my eyes open. Witnessing number 7 score his 3 touchdowns on 228 yards rushing against a Will Muschamp lead Auburn defense was fun to watch. From the break out runs to the countless Auburn defenders being hit in the chest by Leonard’s power. Something about watching a running back break out and have a huge game is just appealing.

Fournette had a handful of exciting Heisman worthy moments. Including an ESPN Top 10 worthy encounter he had with Auburn’s defensive back Blake Countess. Completely rejecting Blake’s tackle attempt by brushing him off his shoulders. View the video below to see the amazing move. Leonard is my Heisman front runner right now with no competition. I’m excited to watch the rest of the college football season and LSU is one of the teams I love watching on the regular. Keep an eye on number 7, he’ll be in the league someday! Until then, it was written!

Credits: ESPN (For the statistics ). Fox Sports and Bleacher Report (For the photos).

-Terrence Whaley