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We had a feeling this was coming. The 50 year old Michael Jordan has done a lot with the Jordan Brand since his break off from Nike to form his own brand. Of course we know of his humongous presence in the basketball world with many endorsement athletes in the NBA. Even a few athletes in other sports such as baseball with now retired Derek Jeter. Which allowed Michael to start producing baseball cleats. Cleats! What? But then again you knew with Michael’s previous short stent in the MLB with the Chicago White Socks, that connection made sense. But now college football? And not just some random college that has no prestige, but THE Michigan Wolverines football team. With 3 Heisman trophy winners and alumni among the likes of NFL legends Tom Brady and Charles Woodson. This is no joke.

With the University of Michigan recently switching from Adidas to Nike for all of their sports, I now wonder if the Jordan Brand will sponsor all of the sports at UofM. Imagine the exclusive player edition sneakers the Michigan basketball team would get. Or the updated jersey options each sport would get, it’s exciting to think about. But with football not being Michael Jordan’s primary sport it was so surprising to see. Above is a sketch of what the uniforms will potentially look like. With the new look and new coach in Jim Harbaugh, the Wolverines should play this season with a little bit more swagger and confidence. Which could lead to an amazing season. Michigan’s next game will be against the nationally ranked BYU Cougars September 26th. Both teams will be undefeated when they meet. Can the Wolverines take that next step to move back into national prominence? We will see but until then, it was written!

Credits: Jordan Brand and Sporting News (For the Photo)

-Terrence Whaley