Roberta Vinci (Left), Serena Williams (Right).
Roberta Vinci (Left), Serena Williams (Right).

Imagine this, an unranked, unaccomplished U.S. Open winner, at the back end of her career, beating the best woman and athlete in womens’ tennis. That is what happened today in New York. Nobody could’ve predicted this outcome, not even the winner. Roberta Vinci was so sure she would lose she even saved herself some time by booking her return flight home before the tournament started. The lowest ranked opponent possible, coming into the tournament as the 42nd seed. Roberta Vinci huh? More like Roberta da Vinci.

Please forgive my short analysis, this was actually my first time watching a tennis match from beginning to end so I’m still trying to grasp the rules. But as I watched, it was easy to see how Roberta had Serena on a string for a good majority of the match and in the last set. She was a lot quicker with her shifting and wasn’t phased by Serena’s intimidating powerful serve.

To be honest, Serena may have had too much on her plate. As far as the number of matches she’s participated in, since the month of May, Serena has took part in 8 tournaments. To put this into perspective, the #3 player in the world, Maria Sharapova has only 4 tournaments in that same time span. And at Serena’s age, it may be time for her to slow up and admire her number #1 ranking. Of those 8 tournaments she participated in, she had been the winner of 3 of those same tournaments the previous year. So why do them again? But Serena is the number #1 tennis player in the world and has been on multiple occasions. I root for her from afar and will continue to from here on out.

Congrats to Roberta Vinci and her semifinal win against Serena Williams!


-Terrence Whaley