New England Patriots QB, Tom Brady
New England Patriots QB, Tom Brady
You thought that man was going to sit out four games, you thought. Instead, Tom Brady gave the Pittsburg Steelers defense four touchdowns with three of those TD’s caught by New England Patriot’s tight end Rob Gronkowski. Instead, the man broke former NFL quarterback Brett Favre’s record for most wins (with 161 after last night) by a quarterback for a single team in NFL history. The record was 160 wins previously set by Brett in 2008 after leaving the Green Bay Packers.

As Brady passed for 288 yards on 25-of-32 attempts, the whole offense and even the defense was having fun. Tom explains, “I was excited. Our whole team was excited. We haven’t had one of these games in a long time.” Even though the end score shows that the Steelers only lost by a touchdown, the game was never really in reach for the boys in black and yellow. Pittsburg was down 21 to 3 all up until the 3rd quarter when RB Will Johnson finally rushed for a touchdown in the red zone. This score was the first touchdown of the game for Pitt. But later on Brady would inevitably do what he does best by putting the game out of reach in the 4th quarter with a touchdown. Getting the score to 28 to 14. The end score favored the Patriots 28-21.

Although I would have loved to have seen Tom Brady serve his suspension of four games as his punishment for Deflate Gate, it was nice seeing how smooth he handled the situation. To keep everything in perspective, Tom Brady plays for the most hated team in the NFL. And is probably the most hated of those players on the roster. But scandal or no scandal, truth or no truth, you still have to perform when the lights come on. Number 12 did it again. Quick! Hide all of your Super Bowl plans AFC teams! 12 is coming!

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-Terrence Whaley